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AuctionBytes offers the latest
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auction buyers and sellers.  
The insights, business
solutions, and tips have been
helping sellers grow their
businesses since 1999.

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McGrath's auction articles are
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Discounted Shipping
Save 60-80% on insurance
costs with
U-PIC. Ship by your
favorite carrier (UPS, U.S.
Postal Service, FedEx, etc.)
but insure with U-PIC.  Save
hundreds of dollars each
year.  No minimum
requirements.  U-PIC, a CP
affiliate, has a program for
every size shipper.

Drop Off Store Franchisees
For information for eBay drop
off store franchisees see
Am I
the Only One?   Legal
Worth the Money

Print Postage
Endicia Internet Postage lets
you print postage and Delivery
Confirmation for all your mail.  
All you need is a PC, an Internet
connection, and a laser or inkjet
printer.  Discounted insurance is
also available.  Try
Endicia free
for 30 days and you can start
printing postage right away!

Increase your sales and
revenue with
buySafe. Now eBay
Trading Assistants and
Registered eBay Drop Off
Locations (REDOL) can bond  
consignor's items too.
Merchant Program offers
for just 1% of the sales
price.  Bond all items or bond
just a few.  Sellers decide. The
bond ensures that the seller will
fulfill the terms of the sale.
Bonded merchandise is
protected by a surety bond (up
to $25,000).

Did you know that using a toll
free or 800 number costs just
$1.99 per month plus $.03 per
minute?  No extra equipment is
necessary.  A toll free number
just rings to or forwards to a
regular local number. offers a
free Keyword Lookup to tailor
numbers to your business.  Call
Bill at 1-800-MARKETER.

Insurance for Collectibles  
Save money on insurance
coverage for your premises,
shipping, and travel to shows.  
Example - The $10,000 policy
for $48 for 6 months is ideal for
home based businesses.

Company Shirts
Embroidered company golf
shirts work well for eBay drop off
stores, auctions, and estate
sales.  For fundraisers like the
American Cancer Society's
Relay for Life, fitted t-shirts offer
impact on a budget.   
Consignment Pals "We sell for
you" logo on red tee shirts work
well for us.

Coupons and Promos
Utilize advertising coupons and
promotional discounts on your
website and in your advertising
flyers.  Code the coupons so
you know which advertising
campaign has the best return for
your money.

Chat Boards
When you have a consignment
question, who do you ask?  
Many consignment sellers
frequent the
Forum or eBay Trading
Assistants Discussion Board to
learn and to help others.  Note:
Trading Assistants are the name
eBay uses for their eBay
consignment sellers.  

Help your community while
increasing your customer base.  
Reporters love big
events.  In some states, a
fundraising license is required if
you receive a fee.  For eBay
sales, the eBay Safe Trading
Manual says: "If you sell items
on eBay and a portion of the
proceeds goes to charity, but
you receive a fee for the sale,
you must be a licensed
professional fundraiser."  
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