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Whether you drop off your items or they are picked up, your eBay Consignment Specialist  
does all the work.  Best part?  You get the check.  Ka-Ching!  See
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eBay Options

Experienced eBay Consignment Specialists  
can sell your items online on eBay. They
research, write the description, take pictures,
handle emails, collect payment, pack and
ship, etc.  Options include:

eBay Drop-Off Stores
eBay Drop Off Stores have brick and mortar
storefronts.  Many also offer pick up
services, especially for business and
industrial clients. Stores may be independent
or franchised.  Drop-off stores are generally
found in medium and large cities.  

eBay Trading Assistants   
Ebay calls their consignment sellers eBay
Trading Assistants.  eBay Trading Assistants
(TA) offer drop off services by appointment
and/or pick up services.  Drop off stores may
also be listed in the eBay Trading Assistant
Directory.  Even though some TA businesses
are classified as corporations or LLCs, many
still operate out of their homes. TAs are
located in all size cities across America.

eBay Pick-Up Services
Pick Up Service means the eBay seller -
either an eBay  store owner or Trading
Assistant - comes to your home or office
provided your items meet their requirements.
They will give you an inventory list and pack
your items to take with them.  Most pick-up
services do not have a storefront.  Pick up
services are located in all size cities across

eBay Motors
To buy or sell cars, trucks, parts, or
accessories, check out
eBay Motors.  You
can sell yourself or get assistance from an
eBay seller above.
Consider the Following

What Sells?
Most sellers accept almost anything. Best
sellers include: cars and car parts,
antiques, collectibles, electronics, furniture,
cameras, phones, jewelry and watches,
designer apparel and purses, musical
instruments, sports equipment, tools,
industrial equipment, etc.

See eBay's current
Hot Categories Report.  
See "
Suggested Items to Sell with an eBay
Trading Assistant."

Minimum eBay Value of Items  
Depending upon the seller, each item must
be worth at least $25 to $100 on eBay.  
Most sellers offer free item evaluations.
You can also do a "completed auctions"
search yourself at

Selling Fees
Excluding cars, fees average 15% - 50%
depending upon the value of the item and
the seller.  For example, a $50 item with a
38% commission that includes fees would
net you $31.  Often eBay and Pay Pal fees
are extra, so please ask.
NOTE: The eBay businesses are not
consultants, employees, or independent
contractors of Consignment Pal.  They own
and operate their own independent
businesses. Consignment Pal does not
approve or endorse these companies and
individuals. Use the same care you would
when using a phone book to hire a
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